What is Erasmus+?

The European Union's Erasmus+ programme is a funding scheme to support activities in the fields of Education, Training, Youth and Sport.

The Programme is made up of three so-called "Key Actions" and two additional actions. They are managed partly at the national level by National Agencies and partly at the European level by the EACEA. The European Commission is responsible for Erasmus+ policies and oversees the overall programme implementation.

What is DICE Project?

Nowadays we are facing different challenges concerning to education as it is fundamental to transform education and teacher training to adapt our schools to the 21st century. There is a need to envisage which competences will be relevant and how these ones will be acquired to determinate how education and training policy can adequately prepare learners for life in a future society,

This project has been designed to cope with those relevant competences which enable citizens to flexibly and proactively respond to changes. Problem solving, reflection, creativity, critical thinking, learning to learn, risk-taking, collaboration and entrepreneurship will be the key competences that will be developed in this project.


Who are we?

The partnership of this project is made up of ten institutions in five different countries: Spain, Denmark, United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Portugal. In each country there are two types of institutions: 

A. Teacher training institutions

B. School institutions

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Goals related to educators

Promote innovate methods to cope with creativity and innovation

Train teachers in the use of new methods and tools and apply them

Strengthen the profiles of teaching professions

Goals related to students

Support students with tools to turn challenges into opportunities

Nurture the development of key transversal competences

Train students through methods to find solutions in creative ways


Our modules